Expected Return

The investment strategy determines the return​

Based on your risk profile and investment objectives, you can choose from 5 investment strategies with different levels of equity exposure. Simulations of investment strategies are intended to give you a feel for how markets (in percent, vertical axis) can develop over a longer period of time (in years, horizontal axis).

1The expected returns presented here are calculated simulations of the performance of the various asset classes based on historical data. The actual performance can deviate significantly from this – in particular, it can be much lower or even negative. Past or simulated performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and in no event represents a promise of a return or risk from Bank Vontobel AG for the future. Bank Vontobel AG therefore disclaims any liability in connection with the simulated performance shown here. The expected returns are calculated on a gross basis, i.e. excluding expenses, fees and taxes, etc. Reference currency CHF, as of November 2020.

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