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Answered: The 7 most common user questions about volt 3a

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15/11/2022 Reading time: 5 minute(s)

With our app-based pension planning solution volt 3a you receive the investment experience of over 90 years at Vontobel. After all, it's about your retirement. Therefore we've made everything as simple as possible, so you can sit back and watch your 3a funds grow. In this article you'll find answers to the most common user questions.


  • How easy is it to get started with volt 3a?

    Very easy: existing volt by Vontobel clients open their volt 3a securities account in just a few clicks in the app. New clients create a volt user account in just a few minutes first. Should you only wish to use volt 3a, there are no additional fees for your general volt account. Good to know: volt 3a is available to all employed persons with income subject to AHV contributions and residing in Switzerland. The minimum investment amount is CHF 500. Subsequent deposits can be made without a minimum and in any amount. Expert tip: To ensure that you receive the greatest possible tax benefit, volt by Vontobel allows you to manage up to five 3a portfolios simultaneously. Find out more and benefit now in our pension hack.

  • What do I pay all in all for volt 3a?

    When it comes to numbers, we take things seriously. That's why there are no hidden costs or non-disaggregated flat fees with volt. The annual cost on retirement assets is 0.48 percent and breaks down as follows: A service fee of 0.03 percent, an account and custody fee of 0.20 percent and an asset management fee of 0.25 percent. The fees are charged quarterly on a pro rata basis and are calculated on the average asset value. The financial instrument fees may vary depending on the investment strategy and can be seen here. There are no additional fees for our Vontobel own 3a Pension Foundation.

  • What happens to my pension assets in the app?

    volt 3a is an actively managed investment solution. Unlike a conventional 3a savings account or a passive fund that tracks a selected index (e.g. Swiss Market Index), with volt 3a your investments are actively managed my our investment experts. This means that you benefit from an active financial instrument in which the composition of the securities is managed by experienced portfolio managers. The aim of active management is to respond dynamically to market changes and make a valuable contribution to overall returns. Your pension assets are always invested on the basis of your chosen investment strategy. In doing so, volt 3a ensures that your investment always remains within the asset allocation you selected with your investment strategy. By the way, your annual tax certificate for the correct declaration of your pension assets as well as all other contract documents can be found in your document inbox in the app. Good to know: Should you wish to change your strategy, simply contact your personal client advisor or call us at +41 58 283 75 75.

  • How much can I pay into my Pillar 3a at once?

    Pillar 3a has an annual maximum amount that may not be exceeded. This differs depending on the employment status and can change from year to year. For 2022, employees who belong to a pension fund can pay a maximum of CHF 6,883 into pillar 3a. Self-employed persons who do not belong to a pension fund may pay in 20 percent of their annual earned income, but a maximum of 34,416 francs. If the amount of the contribution changes, we will inform you directly in the app.

  • Can I simply transfer my existing 3a pension assets to volt 3a?

    Nothing as simple as that. If you already have a pillar 3a with another financial institution and would like to transfer it to volt 3a, you will find the transfer order in the volt app under Profile > Pay in/ Pay out. Simply print out the transfer order, sign it and send it to us - we'll take care of the rest. Good to know: Banks and pension foundations generally do not charge any fees for the transfer of your pension assets. Fees may be charged for the sale of securities or for special redemption conditions of your existing Pillar 3a. Simply contact the providers of your existing pillar 3a for this. This also means that you may transfer your Volt 3a to another pension solution - although we would very much regret to see you leave. To do so, we require a transfer order from the new pension foundation. When you sell your units, there are no transaction fees or costs except for legally required tax levies.

  • When can I withdraw my pension assets with all the tax benefits, including the return I have earned?

    The pillar 3a serves your financial security in old age. For this reason, all pillar 3a pension solutions are subject to statutory regulations. Normally, retirement benefits may be drawn no earlier than 5 years before regular retirement, the regular AHV age, and may be deferred for up to a maximum of 5 years, i.e., until the age of 69 or 70, if you continue to work. In the following cases, you can also make a partial/full withdrawal without reaching the AHV age: Financing of owner-occupied residential property, repayment of existing mortgages, renovation of owner-occupied residential property, purchase into your own pension fund, taking up self-employment, leaving Switzerland (emigration), divorce, or when drawing a disability pension under certain conditions.

  • How secure is volt by Vontobel?

    The security of your data is a high priority at Vontobel. We therefore protect it in volt through various measures: Not only through a two-step login process that requires your personal cell phone to be activated and connected to your personal account by entering your password, but also by encrypting all data. This is complemented by continuous monitoring, review and further development of our security systems. In addition, the entire management of your pension assets is handled by Bank Vontobel AG. For volt 3a, we even use our own Vontobel 3a Pension Foundation, which is supervised by the cantonal supervisory authority for pension funds. When you invest thematically with volt outside of your pillar 3a, your securities are booked as special assets with Bank Vontobel. Your question was not answered? Then simply visit our website and contact us by email or for a personal consultation on +41 58 283 75 75.



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