volt. A success story.

In summer 2019 we launched volt - Switzerland’s first digital Wealth Management service that allows clients to invest according to their convictions and focuses on active portfolio management.

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Your convictions matter

With volt, the focus is on the client. While other robo-advisors determine what happens with your money, volt was designed to allow you to shape your own portfolio.

Ausgeklügelte Technologie. Menschlicher Service.

Sophisticated technology. Human service.

While volt employs the latest technologies, we firmly believe that your investment deserves the human touch of experienced professionals. That’s why a team of Vontobel specialists selects investment topics, compiles individual securities, and conducts market analyses. In addition, a team of advisors is always available to answer any questions you may have about your investment.

Vontobel. The Swiss investment house behind volt.

Vontobel has been creating investment opportunities for its clients for over 100 years. As a global financial expert with Swiss roots, the investment house specializes in Wealth Management, active Asset Management, investment solutions with sustainable characteristics, and digital innovation.

2,000 employees

2,000 employees

Vontobel employs around 2,000 people at 26 locations worldwide. Vontobel and volt are based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Three areas of expertise

Two areas of expertise

With Private and Insitutional Clients Vontobel offers ist clients a comprehensive range of investment solutions. Our aim is to support and empower people to achieve ther financial goals.

Over 90 years of experience

Over 100 years of experience

volt is backed by Vontobel’s more than 100 years of investment expertise. In other words: you benefit from access to exclusive investment knowledge and personal advice on all matters relating to your investments. With this experience, your portfolio is actively managed, diversified, optimized daily, and weighted according to risk. All with the aim of achieving the highest possible return.


Interdisciplinary expertise.
Combined in one app.

While volt is a Digital Investing product, the investments behind it are managed by an interdisciplinary team from Vontobel’s various investment boutiques. Just like traditional investment management mandates. Additionally, volt’s own team of investment advisors is available to assist you with your enquiries.

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