Vontobel Volt® - charged with over 90 years of investment experience.

Pillar 3a & Invest - in one App

Vontobel Volt®. Pension planning and investing - all in one app.

Volt 3a

Better pension planning​

Volt Invest

Wealth Management reinvented

Better pension planning

Volt 3a is your clever and effective pillar 3a solution. Take your retirement planning literally into your own hands and transfer your assets to a leading Swiss retirement and investment expert.

Invest with excitement

Volt provides more excitement when investing. Because with Volt Invest your convictions are at the center of attention. You choose themes and trends – Vontobel investment experts invest for you.

Choose favourite topics

Depending on your convictions and interests, you can set thematic focuses with the tap of your finger. This allows you to actively and individually shape your portfolio.

Full transparency

Volt informs you about current market events, new future-oriented megatrends and changes in your portfolio. In addition, Volt offers full transparency about your investments and their performance at all times.

Open a Vontobel Volt® digital account in less than 15 minutes

Vontobel Volt® is completely opened digitally in under 15 minutes.

Transfer your pension assets easily and conveniently.

At Volt 3a, service is our top priority. And you will notice this from the very first step: We transfer your retirement assets for you. No bureaucratic marathon, but an opening sprint. In other words: Once you have opened and filled out the form, you can sit back and look forward to your new 3a custody account managed by our investment experts.

Transfer your pension assets easily and conveniently.

3, 2, 1 - Curtain up!

Vontobel Volt® – known throughout Switzerland

Winner of the Digital Transformation Award

The Vontobel Digital Hub, the home of Volt, won at the end of 2019 the Digital Transformation Award.

The award is presented to companies and organizations that have made particular progress in terms of digital maturity and have thus significantly increased their competitiveness.

The Vontobel Digital Hub, the home of Volt, won the Digital Transformation Award 2019 at the end of last year.

Gewinner des Digital Transformation Awards

One of the best rated
in Switzerland

Ihr Portfolio wird rund um die Uhr Risikoüberwacht

Your portfolio
is supervised all the time

Vontobel - over 90 years of experience and stability

Vontobel has a solid capital base, was in the black even during the financial crises of 2002 and 2008, and has paid its shareholders an annual dividend since its listing in 1986.

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