Relax and let the experts decide.

Your advantages with the predefined expert portfolio.

Invest with ease

Invest with ease

Select a predefined expert portfolio to invest your money in an instant. We'll take care of the rest – from selecting individual investments and weighting your portfolio to the day-to-day portfolio management.

Your way, any time

Your way, any time

Customize your profile at any time. Choose from numerous investment themes and various alternative investments based on your own preferences.

Three expert portfolios to choose from

Three expert portfolios to choose from

All predefined portfolios are compiled by our experts. Whichever one you choose, an intelligent risk management system will monitor all of your investments 24/7.

  • Basic
  • Global trends
  • Select

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Choose based on your convictions.

Your advantages with the individual portfolio.

Choose from 16 major investment themes

Choose from numerous major investment themes

With an individual portfolio, you can choose from numerous different investment themes right off the bat. Benefit from additional return potential, all while investing according to your convictions and participating each area’s progress.

Alternative investments for added security

Alternative investments for added security

Hedge your thematic portfolio with up to five alternative investments. Make gold, commodities, real estate, hedge funds and crypto part of your investment strategy in no time at all.

Choose a regional focus

Choose a regional focus

Focus your investments on the United States, Europe or Switzerland depending on your preferred market. The equities in your base portfolio will be weighted accordingly.

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Try out your portfolio

Download volt and start designing your portfolio now. Once you are happy with all of your choices, start transferring and investing.

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A risk profile centered around you

Rest easy with volt: We work with you to determine your risk profile entirely according to your needs. All profiles are monitored with an intelligent risk management system – and are actively managed by investment experts on a daily basis.

  • Different risk profiles for every need
  • Intelligent 24/7 risk management system
  • Equity shares from 10% to 98% depending on risk profile


  • Who makes the investment decisions with volt?

    With volt invest, you decide how your portfolio is structured. Our investment experts take care of the rest. They constantly monitor the markets, manage the individual stocks and instruments within your selected products, and make adjustments as needed.

  • How is my money invested in themes?

    Behind the thematic investments in volt are predominantly structured products that represent thematic funds and individual securities. These do not contain any leverage or derivatives and are predominantly similar to an investment fund that invests in theme-specific assets. These can be shares, bonds, funds, and other products. In this context, active management by Vontobel's investment experts ensures that new developments within a theme are taken into account at all times. Additional collateral provided by Bank Vontobel AG also protects you against issuer risk.

    Each thematic investment in volt that you add is weighted at 5% in your portfolio. This share is deducted from the equity quota of your portfolio.

  • What is the minimum amount I need to invest?

    We recommend a minimum investment amount of CHF/EUR/USD 25,000 for volt invest. The more you invest, the lower the basic percentage fee. You can invest with volt invest starting at CHF/EUR/USD 10,000.

  • How are newly paid-in funds invested?

    Newly paid-in capital is automatically invested in the investment modules Basic, Themes, and Alternative Investments according to your selection.


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