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Becoming a client

Volt 3a is your clever and simple pillar 3a solution – developed and managed by our pension planning experts. Simply open and monitor your 3a custody account with the Vontobel Volt® App.

Volt 3a is a product of Bank Vontobel AG and the Vontobel 3a Vorsorgestiftung, and is integrated into the Vontobel Volt® App. Volt 3a enables you to enter into a pillar 3a pension relationship with the Vontobel 3a Vorsorgestiftung, whereby Bank Vontobel AG acts as custodian bank and asset manager. Bank Vontobel AG is responsible for monitoring asset development as well as for the functionality of the App.

Volt 3a can be used by employed persons with an income subject to AHV who reside in Switzerland. The minimum investment amount is CHF 500.

As a Vontobel Volt® client you can open a Volt 3a account with just a few clicks in the app.
If you are not yet a Vontobel Volt® client, simply carry out the digital onboarding first. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. If you are using Volt 3a only, there are no additional fees for Volt Invest.

Yes, up to five Volt 3a portfolios can be managed with Vontobel Volt®.

The minimum investment amount for Volt 3a is CHF 500.

Volt 3a is currently available in German and English.

Volt 3a is a component of the Vontobel Volt® app. As part of the registration process you open up a Volt Invest account with Bank Vontobel AG. Howver, If you do not make a deposit with Volt Invest, no fees are charged.

Volt 3a is a restricted pension plan. This means that retirement benefits may be drawn at the earliest 5 years before the normal AHV age and may be deferred for a maximum of 5 years up to 69 or 70 years if you continue to work. However, in some cases an extraordinary withdrawal is possible.


The annual costs of 0.48 percent on your 3a pension funds consist of a service fee of 0.03 percent, an account and custody account management fee of 0.20 percent and an asset management fee of 0.25 percent. The rates are charged quarterly pro rata temporis; the calculation is based on the average asset value. The financial instrument costs vary depending on the investment strategy and can be seen here. No additional fees are charged to the foundation. The costs for Volt Invest can be found here.

Volljährige natürliche Personen mit Domizil in der Schweiz. Der Mindestanlagebetrag beträgt CHF 500.-. Damit Du ein Volt 3a eröffnen kannst, musst Du erwerbstätig sein (mit AHV-pflichtigem Einkommen) und Deinen Wohnsitz in der Schweiz haben.

Functionality Volt 3a

Yes, should you wish to change your strategy, simply contact your personal Relationship Manager or the Vontobel Volt® Hotline on +41 58 283 75 75.

In contrast to passive funds, which only track a selected index (e.g. Swiss Market Index), the composition of the securities in an active financial instrument is actively managed by experienced portfolio managers. The aim of active management is to react quickly and specifically to market changes and thereby make a valuable contribution to the overall return.

In case you have forgotten your password, please contact the Vontobel Volt® Hotline on +41 58 283 75 75.

Yes, as stipulated by law, this is possible for any 3a solution.

Your pension assets are invested in accordance with your chosen investment strategy. Volt 3a ensures that your investment always remains within the asset allocation defined in your investment strategy.


For the year 2021, you can pay the following contributions into your pillar 3a:

  • Employees who belong to a pension fund, max. 6,883 francs
  • Self-employed persons who do not belong to a pension fund may pay in 20% of their annual earned income, but not more than 34,416 Swiss francs.

The amount of the contributions may change in the future. We will inform you via the app if such a change occurs.

Yes, it’s simple. If you already have a Pillar 3a with another financial institution and would like to transfer it to Volt 3a, you will find the corresponding transfer order in the Volt App under Profile > Deposit / Withdrawal. Simply print out the document, sign it and send it to us – we’ll take care of the rest.

Usually banks and pension foundations do not charge any fees for the transfer. However, for the sale of securities or special redemption terms for your existing Pillar 3a account fees may apply. It is best to clarify the terms directly with the provider of your current Pillar 3a account.

Even if we would regret your departure, you can transfer your Volt 3a to another pension solution. To do so, we need a transfer order from the new pension foundation.

Cash Deposits

Newly deposited capital is automatically invested according to your investment strategy.


Since Volt 3a is a restricted pension plan, you can only withdraw funds in very specific cases:

Ordinary withdrawal:

  • Retirement benefits may be drawn at the earliest 5 years before the normal AHV age and may be deferred for a maximum of 5 years up to 69 or 70 years if you continue to work.


Extraordinary benefits:
In the following cases, you may also receive partial or full benefits without reaching AHV/AVS age:

  • Financing of owner-occupied residential property
  • Repayment of existing mortgages
  • Renovation of owner-occupied residential property
  • Buying into your own pension fund
  • Taking up self-employment
  • Leaving Switzerland (emigration)
  • Divorce
  • Receipt of a disability pension (under certain conditions)


We protect you with a two-stage login process. To log in, your personal mobile phone must be activated and connected to your personal account. Only then can the device be used by entering your password.

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