One app for all your 3a needs

volt by Vontobel was created to help you get more out of your investments and has an integrated 3a app. volt 3a is designed with the same goal in mind for your retirement planning and is tailored to your needs.

Personally tailored risk tolerance

Personally tailored risk tolerance

Choose from five levels of risk with equity shares ranging from 10% to 98% depending on your desired investment period and yield

Maximum tax advantage

Maximum tax advantage

Benefit from the greatest possible tax advantage by opening up to five simultaneous 3a custody accounts

Always in control

Always in control

With volt, you can monitor the development of your pension assets and investments around the clock

Pillar 3a switch in no time

Let us handle the transfer of your existing retirement assets. Your pillar 3a account will be quickly transferred with no notice period.

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Pillar 3a — switch in no time

300 experts in one app

With volt by Vontobel, you benefit from active management by the pension planning and investment experts at Vontobel. They select individual investments and actively manage your portfolio on a daily basis. A smart risk management system protects your assets around the clock.

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Try now, decide later

Download volt to your smartphone try it out immediately. Once you are happy with your choices, transfer and start investing.


Full transparency. Fair fees.

Your monthly costs with volt 3a consist of only two fees: One fee for actively managing your portfolio. One fee for product costs incurred while buying and selling investments. Everything else is included.

  • Professional 3a investment portfolio
  • Up to five simultaneous custody accounts
  • Optimized according to your needs
  • Actively managed by pension planning and investment experts
  • Current analyses and report
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  • What is volt 3a?

    volt 3a is Vontobel's pillar 3a solution with an in-house pension foundation where your pension assets are actively invested by our experts. This is done via a personal pension custody account that you can open and manage in the app with volt by Vontobel.

  • Who can use volt 3a?

    Anyone who is at least 18 years old, lives in Switzerland, and pays into the pension fund as an employee or self-employed person can use volt 3a.

  • How do I open my volt 3a retirement custody account / account?

    It's very simple: Those who are already volt by Vontobel customers can open their volt 3a custody account in just a few clicks in the app. New customers first download the volt by Vontobel app on their smartphone and create a user account within a few minutes. If you only want to use volt 3a and not volt invest, there are naturally no additional fees for your general volt by Vontobel account.

    Good to know: volt 3a is available to all gainfully employed persons with income subject to AHV contributions and who reside in Switzerland. The minimum investment amount is CHF 500. Subsequent deposits can be made without a minimum and in any amount.

    Expert tip: To ensure that you receive the greatest possible tax benefit, volt by Vontobel allows you to manage up to five volt 3a portfolios simultaneously. Find out more and benefit now in our pension hack.

  • Can I also use volt 3a without volt invest?

    volt 3a is part of volt by Vontobel. When you open a volt 3a account, you always receive a volt invest user account as well. If you do not make a deposit with volt invest, no fees will be charged for this.

  • How much can I pay into pillar 3a?

    Pillar 3a has an annual maximum amount that may not be exceeded. This differs depending on the employment relationship and can change from year to year. Employees who belong to a pension fund can pay a maximum of CHF 7,056 into pillar 3a for the year 2024. Self-employed persons who do not belong to a pension fund may pay 20 percent of their annual earned income, but a maximum of 35,280 francs. If the amount of the contributions changes, we will inform you in the app.


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