All-inclusive pension planning

For one simple and attractive basic fee, you get a complete, actively managed investment solution for your retirement funds. This includes more than 90 years of investment experience from Vontobel.

volt 3a
  • professional 3a-investment portfolio
  • adjusted to your life situation
  • actively managed by pension planning and investment experts
  • up to five simultaneous custody accounts
  • ongoing analyses and reports
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    0.48 %

    Fees p.a.

What is included in the basic fee?

  • 3a foundation and custodial fee
  • transaction fees*
  • administration fee
  • risk management
  • up to five simultaneous custody accounts

*Does not include the usual external fees such as exchange fees or stamp duty.

No hidden costs

  • no deposit or withdrawal fees
  • no acquisition fees
  • no performance fees
  • no fees for rescission
  • no other commission charges

Basic fee + product costs = total price

External product costs are added to the basic fee as usual depending on the traded products.

Convenient clearing of fees

Convenient clearing of fees

All fees are charged directly to your volt 3a portfolio. You don’t need to do anything else.

Attractive basic fee

Attractive basic fee

Our flat fee gives you access to professional, active management of your 3a pension assets and covers all the basic costs: securities transactions, 3a foundation and custody account management, real-time risk management, consultation by experts, etc. The price is charged directly to your portfolio each quarter. It is based on the average value of your portfolio and does not include VAT.

Limited product costs

Limited product costs

Costs are incurred as usual for the financial instruments, depending on the traded products. The effective product costs vary depending on the investment strategy.

Current product costs (as of March 2024) per investment strategy:

  • Defensive 0.20%
  • Conservative 0.19%
  • Balanced 0.19%
  • Growth 0.18%
  • Dynamic 0.17%

volt access makes the exclusive inclusive

Our volt access loyalty program grants you additional benefits depending on the amount of your investment. So the new world of Wealth Management becomes even bigger and more exciting for you.

  • expert tips
  • market analyses
  • exclusive events
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  • What costs are incurred for volt 3a?

    The basic fee amounts to 0.48% per year on the pension assets. This consists of a service fee of 0.03%, an account and custody account management fee of 0.20%, and an investment management fee of 0.25%. The fees are charged quarterly on a pro-rata basis; the calculation is based on the average asset value. The financial instrument charges vary depending on the investment strategy and as of March 2024, are as follows: defensive 0.20%, conservative 0.19%, balanced 0.19%, growth 0.18%, and dynamic 0.17%. There are no additional fees for the pension foundation. In the event of an advance withdrawal (e.g., for the promotion of home ownership), additional costs may be charged according to the fee regulation of the Vontobel 3a Vorsorgestiftung.


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