Why Volt 3a?

Your life is unique - so is your pension.

Granted: There are more exciting topics than pension planning. But hardly more important ones – especially for you personally. And that is precisely why we have developed Volt 3a. The clever and effective pillar 3a solution.

Optimized pension planning - year after year

Investing is the new pension planning. Especially if you can save taxes in the process. With Volt 3a you can take advantage of tax benefits thanks to personalized notifications and the effortless opening of up to five 3a accounts. All at an attractive price.

Transfer of pension assets – easy and convenient

You would like to transfer your retirement assets / custody account to Volt 3a? With Volt 3a, we will transfer them for you reliably and without effort. Simply fill out the form after opening your account. We will take care of the rest.


Your return

With Volt 3a, as with Volt Invest, the investment strategy determines the yield. You choose from five investment strategies and our pension planning experts, taking your risk profile into account, ensure that your pension assets are optimized year after year.

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Pension planning and investment – all in one app

Vontobel Volt® is the home of our two investment and pension planning solutions: Volt Invest and Volt 3a.
  • With Volt Invest you invest your free assets according to your convictions and choose themes and trends – the Vontobel investment experts invest according to your specifications.
  • With Volt 3a, you invest your pillar 3a pension assets – professionally under expert supervision and individually optimized.

The advantage is obvious: with Vontobel Volt® you have complete transparency of your freely invested assets and pension assets at all times – all in one app.

This much retirement capital is already managed by our experts. Vontobel is therefore one of the largest managers of Swiss pension assets.

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