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Volt offers you the advantages of asset management with the possibility of actively shaping the portfolio according to your interests. In addition, you will receive regular updates on your investments, as well as comments on market events that are relevant to your portfolio.
Vontobel Volt® is currently only available to adult clients in selected countries. The minimum investment amount is CHF 10’000.-.


Through targeted questions we aim to understand your life situation and shed light on the various aspects of your risk behavior. As well as taking your knowledge and experience of financial products into account, your risk profile will be determined using information on your life, income and asset situation, your investment behavior, your risk capacity and your willingness to take risks.
Risk monitoring of portfolios is carried out using a real-time risk management and risk monitoring system developed by Vontobel. The in-house-developed risk engine covers all asset classes with more than 450,000 instruments and calculates the risk, taking into account approximately 140 risk factors. Furthermore, it does it all at high speed: for an average portfolio with around 20 positions, only a few milliseconds are required.
In contrast to passive funds, which only track a selected index (e.g. Swiss Market Index), the composition of the securities in an active financial instrument is actively managed by experienced portfolio managers. The aim of active management is to react quickly and specifically to market changes and thereby make a valuable contribution to the overall return.
Your investment amount is invested in the “Basis” investment module in accordance with your risk profile. If you select a theme or opportunities, the corresponding investment amount is switched into the respective investment products. Volt ensures that your investment always remains within the asset allocation defined in your risk profile.
Our investment experts constantly monitor the markets and the instruments invested in the individual funds and products and make adjustments where necessary.
Today, the market must be monitored holistically, with the aim of correctly interpreting the information available and drawing the right conclusions. This is precisely what Vontobel’s Volt portfolio managers, who also act as theme owners, do. If there is a relevant change in the investment themes or in the basis, the instruments are adapted to the new situation. This means, for example, that a security is bought or sold. This may be because we no longer believe in the company or because the market situation has changed. If there is a change, we use a short article to inform the clients invested in the respective investment theme about what has happened and why. In this way, you as an investor are always aware of what is going on in your chosen themes and can be sure that our investment specialists are watching the markets and taking care of your portfolio – as if it were their own.
The «Basis» investment component is long-term, while the «Themes investment component is medium to long-term. The «Opportunities» investment component is geared towards short-term opportunities.
No, your assets are managed by Bank Vontobel. In contrast to many other providers, your portfolio is not booked with a third party, but also with Bank Vontobel. This means that there are no additional third-party fees for managing your portfolio.
No, Volt is an asset management mandate. This means that the investment themes are put together by our experts. However, you can set priorities by selecting themes and opportunities and thus have a say in the composition of your portfolio.
The certificates on which the themes are based are structured products without leverage and without derivate; similar to an investment fund that invests in theme-specific investments. These can be shares, bonds, funds and other products. Active management by Vontobel’s investment experts ensures that new developments within a theme are always taken into account.
Your investment will be invested in actively managed funds and products. Any dividend yields (dividend payments or dividend distributions) are reinvested.

Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

No, as soon as the minimum investment amount has been deposited at the opening, it does not matter if the portfolio value falls below CHF 10’000.-
Up to the minimum investment amount of CHF 10’000.-, you can make withdrawals of any amount. If you want a full withdrawal, you must balance Volt.
Newly deposited capital is automatically invested in the Basic, Themes and Opportunities investment modules, according to your selection.

In the event of a withdrawal that requires a sale of your holdings, no transaction fees or costs will be incurred except for legally required tax charges.

Activate / Deactivate Themes

No, the volume of the investment is determined according to your risk profile and cannot be manually increased or decreased by you.
Yes, after activating a theme you can see which individual securities are in the respective investment theme. In addition, you can see which stocks are included in the equity funds (basis).
Yes, under both “Themes” and “Portfolio” you can see the performance from the activation of the theme to the current date.


You can now open up to 10 Volt Invest portfolios directly in the app. For each new portfolio, you decide which investment strategy to use and in which currency (CHF, EUR or USD) you would like to invest your money.
Volt Invest allows you to open up to 10 portfolios for your different savings goals. These could include your children, your godchildren, your next adventure trip or whatever you have in mind. The beneficial owner remains the contractual partner at all times.

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