Investment philosophy

Tapping sources of return with active management

Vontobel Volt® clients invest on the basis of Vontobel’s proven Vontobel 3α Investment Philosophy®.
The first alpha

The Vontobel 3ɑ Investment Philosophy® includes broad diversification as the cornerstone and first alpha (“robust diversification”) and therefore the distribution of assets across several investment vehicles. This means an appropriate spread across various asset classes, sectors, industries and currencies, thereby reducing the risk of the entire portfolio.

The second alpha

Investments that convince us in the medium to long term form the second possible source of return and thus the second alpha (“investments with conviction”) of our investment philosophy. We focus on macro trends such as attractive industries, regions or countries, as well as on megatrends, i.e. topics that will change our world structurally and socially in the long term.

The third alpha

The third alpha (“Short-term market opportunities”) is achieved with short-term investment opportunities. The focus here is on investments in individual securities. This is because the capital markets not only fluctuate on medium-term themes, but also react strongly to sudden news that create investment opportunities.


Thus, also at Volt, the composition of the securities is actively managed by experienced portfolio managers. In other words: you receive a diversified, active portfolio designed according to your personal risk profile. Volt has three investment modules for this purpose.

The three investment modules


Based on your risk profile and investment targets, your investments are broadly diversified.


Vontobel experts provide you with a selection of investment themes based on current trends. You decide which themes we can add to your portfolio.


Opportunities are a composition of individual securities that Vontobel believes have growth potential based on the current market situation. This module gives you the choice of supplementing your portfolio with the “opportunity” investment component and all of the securities that it contains.

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