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Volt is backed by Vontobel’s more than 90 years of investment expertise as one of Switzerland’s leading asset managers. With this experience, your investments are actively managed, diversified, optimized daily, and weighted according to risk. You also benefit from the security that comes with a regulated Swiss investment expert: Swiss banking license, FINMA supervision, and the highest standards of security in handling personal data.

actively manage your portfolio
of investment tradition
288.4 billion
in assets under management

volt invest: Two ways to the perfect portfolio

Define your portfolio according to your own convictions, or simply choose a portfolio predefined by our experts. You can make changes to your selection at any time and they will be implemented immediately.


Individual portfolio

  • Up to 17 investment themes
  • Alternative investments
  • Regional focus

Predefined expert portfolio

  • Simple and quick investment
  • Curated by Vontobel
  • Custom changes at any time

volt 3a: invest your Pillar 3a money actively

volt by vontobel was created to get more out of your investments. That’s why volt 3a has been tailored to your need for smart pension planning.

Personally tailored risk tolerance

Personally tailored risk tolerance

Choose from five levels of risk with equity shares ranging from 10% to 98% depending on your desired investment period and yield

Maximum tax advantage

Maximum tax advantage

Benefit from the greatest possible tax advantage by opening up to five simultaneous 3a custody accounts

Always in control

Always in control

With volt, you can monitor the development of your pension assets and investments around the clock

Get an exclusive promocode and benefit

Fill out the form now and pay no bank fees for 3 months thanks to the Hello Switzerland promocode1.

Please be aware that when using electronic means of communication, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed comprehensively. We therefore ask you not to transmit any confidential data. We would also like to point out that Vontobel does not accept orders for business transactions, for example orders or revocations of orders, via non-official channels. For business instructions, please contact your branch or your relationship manager.
If you transmit confidential data, you accept the risk of disclosure of the banking relationship and bank client information to third parties and release Vontobel from any liability.
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Mandatory information

1 If you open volt by Vontobel with the promo code until 30.04.2023 you will benefit from our comprehensive services and will not be charged any bank fees for 3 months. With volt Invest, the offer is valid for assets up to CHF 150,000. To benefit from this offer, you must be a new client of Bank Vontobel AG, be over 18 years of age and be resident in Switzerland.
The product costs for volt invest are between 0.38 - 0.60 percent per year, depending on how you put together your individual portfolio. The product costs at volt 3a are between 0.23 - 0.42 percent per year, depending on the investment strategy you choose. (as of March 2022).
In addition to managing your custody account, the management fee also includes all securities transactions, account and custody account management, real-time risk management, other services such as access to a digital mailbox and, for volt 3a, the fees for the pension foundation. You can find the regular costs of volt invest here and of volt 3a here.


  • What are the advantages of volt by Vontobel?

    The investment app volt gives you access to services that were previously reserved for clients of a private bank or a traditional asset management mandate. It offers various options for aligning your portfolio with your financial goals and subsequently having it actively managed by our investment experts. A team of experienced investment advisors is available to you at any time for a personal exchange. In addition, with volt by Vontobel you can not only invest your free assets, but also make contributions to pillar 3a.

  • Is a volt opening possible for all nationalities?

    Digital onboarding is now available for 64 nationalities including all EU countries. The number is determined by the electronic recognition of identification documents as well as by regulatory and internal directives.

  • In which currencies and regions can I invest?

    With residence in Switzerland, you can open up to five portfolios in CHF. In addition, you can choose a regional focus for each portfolio, which means you decide whether your portfolio should be focused on Switzerland, Global or Europe for the equity deposits.

  • 3rd pillar principle briefly explained

    For 35 years, it has been possible to make individual provisions in Switzerland with pillar 3a. The contributions (at most the annual maximum amount, as of 2022: CHF 6’883.-) to pillar 3a are deductible from your taxable income. This means that the income tax burden is reduced. The funds can be paid out, among other things, when leaving Switzerland permanently, when acquiring owner-occupied residential property (principal home), when becoming self-employed or five years before reaching the regular AHV retirement age (i.e., 60 for men and 59 for women).

  • Why open a volt 3a as an expat?

    Contributions up to the maximum amount to pillar 3a can be deducted from your income, resulting in a reduced tax burden. The maximum amount is CHF 6’883.- (as of 2022). The funds can be paid out, among other things, when leaving Switzerland permanently, when acquiring owner-occupied residential property (principal home), when becoming self-employed or five years before reaching the regular AHV retirement age (i.e. 60 years for men and 59 years for women).

  • What happens to my volt account when I leave Switzerland?

    It depends on your country of return. In most cases, volt must be liquidated. Closing the account is free of charge (external fees and fiscal duties may be charged). Your funds can be transferred to any account made out to your name.

  • Can I withdraw this 3a funds when I leave Switzerland?

    Yes, you can make withdrawals before reaching AHV age in the following cases: leaving Switzerland (emigration), financing and repayment of existing mortgages of owner-occupied residential property (principal home), purchase into your own pension fund and taking up self-employment.

  • How do I declare volt in my tax return?

    The income and balance of your 3a fund is neither subject to Swiss income nor to Swiss wealth taxes as long as it is held by the 3a fund. When you make contributions to your 3a pillar you will automatically receive a statement where the 3a contribution is confirmed. You can forward this statement to your tax officer together with the rest of your tax return in order to get the tax deduction. Please note: if you are taxed at source (withholding tax) and your annualized gross salary is below CHF 120'000 or if you are not resident for tax purposes in Switzerland, you should ask a Swiss tax specialist to make sure that you can deduct your 3a contribution and to inform about the tax consequences. Please inform yourself about the tax treatment of the 3a pillar and its payment abroad, should you move abroad. This Q&A only deals with the tax treatment in Switzerland.

  • What does volt invest cost?

    The annual costs are between 0.80 % and 0.96% per year, depending on the amount of your investment.
    Example volt invest: For an investment amount of CHF 25,000, this corresponds to CHF 20 per month or CHF 240 per year plus VAT.
    The product costs for volt invest are between 0.38 % and 0.60 % per year (as of March 2022), depending on how you put together your individual portfolio. Statutory stamp duty of 0.15 percent of the transaction volume is charged on individual transactions.

  • What does volt 3a cost?

    The costs amount to 0.48 % per year on the pension assets. These consist of a service fee of 0.03 percent, an account and custody account management fee of 0.20 percent, and an asset management fee of 0.25 percent. The fees are charged quarterly on a pro-rata basis; the calculation is based on the average asset value. The financial instrument charges vary depending on the investment strategy and as of April 1, 2021, are as follows: defensive 0.23%, conservative 0.27 %, balanced 0.32 %, growth 0.38 %, and dynamic 0.42 % (as of March 2022). There are no additional fees for the pension foundation.


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